Chinese doctors have treated stroke induced paralysis by acupuncture from 1,200 A.D. From 2002, Dr. Choi has developed a new method combining classic Chinese acupuncture with electrostimulation to restore the motor function damaged by stroke. The new combined therapy is more effective than classic acupuncture as singular therapy. His treatment method is formulated based on new evidences recently found by MRI studies on human brain and electrophysiology experiments on animals.

Jeung Ho Choi, MD

Dr. Choi is board certified in Internal Medicine. He has received his medical degree from Seoul National University, Korea. He has completed his internship and residency at Loma Linda University, White Memorial Medical Center in Los Angeles. Dr. Choi is an attending physician at St. Joseph Medical Center from 1983, and has practiced acupuncture since 1987 at his Pain Management Clinic in Burbank, California. He has been a member of the Far Eastern Art Council at the Los Angeles County Museum. As a dedicated lifetime calligrapher, he has written a formal textbook, "Basics of Chinese Calligraphy" in Korean and Chinese letters.


At the first visit, patients will have a physical examination. MRI images and other test results will be reviewed. In a typical treatment session, first, acupuncture points will be located and marked by an electric point finder. Then hair-thin needles are inserted into the points, and electrostimulation is applied to the needles. Electrical flow is 50-100 microampere, and patients feel the electrical flow as minute vibration, or as a light tingling sensation. Electrical flow does not cause forced muscle contraction or any discomfort. The treatment complies with the safety guidelines recommended by the American Association of Medical Instrumentation and the Food and Drug Administration. Stroke therapy by electrostimulation takes six weeks. Poly-Neuropathy therapy takes an equal length of time. When treatments are concluded, patients are referred to physical therapy for exercise and muscle strengthening.

"Essentials of Electroacupuncture"

"Essentials of Electroacupuncture" is a formal textbook that contains complete and detailed prescriptions for stroke paralysis and peripheral polyneuropathy. There are 6.5 million stroke survivors in the United States who suffer from paralysis. In addition, 20 million Americans are affected by polyneuropathy. Since acupuncture has evolved over 4,000 years before the first textbook was written in 282 A.D., this book continues that tradition by providing an in-depth review of the highest principles of acupuncture in a historical perspective. The book also has a section dedicated to I-Ching and Five Element Theory that form the backbone of acupuncture system.

Hindu Religion has its own unique way of seeing the elements of nature through the eyes of meditation. A translated text of "Vedic Sacred Book" is included; it will help readers see the elements of nature in a clearer view, expand their horizons, and become overall better acupuncturists. Eastern religions use meditation for religious followers in the pursuit of attainment. The book lists known facts and doctrines to explain the link between the seeker and the Absolute Truth before him, and offers instructional steps to meditate properly.

The book also contains detailed prescriptions for cervical and lumbar disc disease, gastro-esophageal reflux disease, anhidrosis, hiccup, insomnia, and other conditions for which patho-physiology and treatments are not known.

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